Top 98+ Decorating Mistakes Everyone Makes in Their Living Room

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When entering a meticulously designed living room, we feel it right away: the perfect proportions giving the space a certain grandeur, the plush seating drawing us in, each well-appointed seat suggesting long lazy afternoons spent without having to leave the living room… Just like a beautifully directed movie, a well-decorated living room is at once engaging and impressive, but it’s also familiar and safe. Trying to replicate this attention to detail in our own homes, though, is another challenge.

As much as we try to replicate the feelings we’ve experienced in certain rooms (that we’ve visited and loved), there’s usually something that’s just off.

Interior designers spend their lives studying the little details that make a room perfect. And sometimes, what is wrong in our own living rooms can be as simple as a painting hung too high or a lack of eye-level lamps. To shed some light on the most common living room decorating mistakes that may be plaguing our spaces, we asked a stylist, an interior designer, and a residential architect to share the decorating mistakes they frequently notice in living rooms everywhere. The space of your dreams may not be so out of reach—simply fix these mistakes, adopt these living room ideas, and then enjoy your new and improved space.

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