100 Simple Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Space Look Expensive

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Even when you’ve spent many hours decorating your master bedroom, it can start feeling a little stale after a few months or years. That’s when the power of a quick refresh comes in. We’re not talking about starting from scratch or entirely replacing all your furniture, but rather using a few easy updates to make your space feel new again.Have you grown tired of your nightstands? Does your space need a coat of paint? Is one wall feeling very bare? Whatever the issue you’re having, there’s bound to be an easy solution you haven’t thought of yet. To help you plan out your remodel, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite simple bedroom ideas to make your space feel refined and more expensive without spending a ton of time or money.Ready to see your master bedroom in a whole new light? Roll up your sleeves and try one of these simple bedroom ideas this weekend.

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